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Have you decided to buy a business in Europe or Baltic states? AG Baltic Invest Ltd makes it easy, reliable and secure.


We can help you!


AG Baltic Invest Ltd is the largest and most respected company providing services in the field of buying and selling businesses in Europe, including the Baltic states. The company specializes exclusively in serving customers from Europe and CIS countries, including Russia.


With the help of AG Baltic Invest Ltd many of our clients have found a business that met all their requirements, made an investment and became proud owners of the business or real estate. Currently, the company takes care of its customers’ interests in Europe and in the Baltic states. Customers of AG Baltic Invest Ltd in most cases rely on us as well in managing the acquired assets, as the company does it professionally and with good knowledge of the local market.


One can find a business for every taste in Europe and in the Baltic countries and AG Baltic Invest Ltd is the best place to look for it.


The competitive advantage of company is not only in a high level of professionalism of its staff, but also in an extensive network of business connections, which helps us to attract any expert in any field for advice and assistance in achieving our objectives.


In your business search AG Baltic Invest Ltd provides you with:


  • A wide choice of business offers - more than 10.000 objects throughout Baltic States and Europe.
  • Value range of business offers is from 20.000 EUR to 20.000.000 EUR.
  • Honesty, reliability and respect.
  • Protection of your rights and interests.
  • A full range of services when buying, formalizing or managing your business.


You can rely on us. We do our job professionally.


Business acquisition


AG Baltic Invest Ltd offers investors a complex assistance in business acquisition when a target company has already been identified, as well as when the target should be searched for and chosen.


The complete set of procedures in searching and acquiring the business includes: determination of the requirements towards the target company, market analysis and search of potential objects, information gathering and selection of several prospective target companies, investor representation in negotiation process with target companies, carrying out complex Due Diligence, business valuation and investment risks estimation, acquisition scheme development, legal support.


Business selling


AG Baltic Invest Ltd is oriented to maximize the selling price of its clients’ businesses.


Selling business includes the list of actions: detailed identification of the object, aims and strategy of selling, complex business diagnostics, estimation of business’ market price, investment documentation development, extensive business pre-sale preparation, search of potential buyers and creating competition among them, negotiation support and selection of the best buyer, selling scheme development, Due Diligence process support from the seller’s side, support of the ownership transfer, optimization of financial, legal and tax issues of the deal.


Investment attraction


Investments could be attracted from financial investors (private equity funds, venture funds, investment companies, private investors), and companies as strategic investors.


This project is performed together with the client’s team and includes the following procedures: investment project evaluation, business plan development for potential investor, search of the potential investor, improving the investment attractiveness of the business, negotiation process support, investments attraction scheme development, legal support.


Investment placement


AG Baltic Invest Ltd offers investors complex support in selecting a company for investment in accordance with the investor’s criteria. Working with AG Baltic Invest Ltd investors will acquire a reliable partner representing their interests on the territory of CIS, Baltic States and Scandinavian countries.


The complete set of works on direct investment placement includes: evaluation and selection of investment projects and prospective target companies, preparation of required information for investor analysis, support of investor in negotiations with owners of the target companies, conducting thorough Due Diligence, investment scheme development,  creating an exit strategy from the agreement, legal support of the deal.


Business valuation


AG Baltic Invest Ltd can offer business valuation as a separate service for the business owners. Business valuation may be required while preparing the negotiations on attraction of the investment, in case of joint ventures establishment, for a decision-making on company’s reorganization and in a number of other cases. The detailed report on the business valuation is prepared for a client.


Business planning


A business plan allows to evaluate the prospects of investment project or business as a whole. The professionally prepared business plan helps to increase the project investment attractiveness or business value for potential investor, and also is required in a bank in case of receiving a loan.


Due Diligence


Due Diligence is a thorough investigation of legal, tax, financial and other aspects of company’s activity. The objective of Due Diligence is to avoid or mitigate business risks of business acquisition for overcharged price, declaring the deal invalid, starting the lawsuits and uncontested recovery of property. Due Diligence is usually carried out before buying or selling a business, the conclusion of association agreement between parties, business loan receiving, mergers or acquisitions of companies.


Pre-sale business preparation


The main purpose of pre-sale preparation of business is to structure the company before the sale, to eliminate the risk factors obstructing the sale and to lower the risks of the potential investor. As to the seller of the business the completed procedures would allow to increase the value of business, to shorten the selling period, to confidently negotiate with potential investors. The buyer is ready to pay higher price for transparent and structured business.


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